Goodreads: Best Books of the Month: October 2016 [ePub]

Goodreads Best Book of Month October 2016 epub ebook
Goodreads: Best Books of the Month: October 2016
English | 6 Books | Various Genre | ePub | 15 MB

These titles have been racing to the top of our popularity charts!

1. Hag-Seed by Margaret Atwood (epub)

Margaret Atwood takes her readers to a remote prison in this literary retelling of a Shakespeare classic. Here we meet Felix, an ousted theater director who has landed a job producing The Tempest. Drama ensues. Suzanne says, “Yet another genius offering from the always excellent Margaret Atwood. [Hag-Seed is] a wily, witty, rollicking take on Shakespeare.”

2. Fractured by Catherine McKenzie (epub)

In this taut thriller, Julie Prentice has a stalker. Ever since she published her bestselling novel, she hasn’t been safe. But now that her family has moved, they can rest easy. That is, until they discover their new neighbor’s secret. Lisa says, “The story draws you into its twisted plot, inviting you to earwig the private lives of all involved. It creates a gripping psychological thriller that had me hooked.”

3. News of the World by Paulette Jiles by Paulette Jiles (epub)

For $50 Jefferson Kyle Kidd has agreed to deliver a young orphan to her only living relatives 400 miles away. The only problem? They don’t want her. The journey truly is the destination in this masterwork of historical fiction. Alex says, “A sweet, subtle, simple tale of interdependence and mutual understanding. The stories we choose to tell, the messages we carry, shape us as much as they do the world around us.”

4. Another Day in the Death of America by Gary Younge (epub)

Journalist Gary Younge captures what is currently happening in America, a country where on any given day seven children are shot to death. Younge delves into one such day and tells the true tale of all of the lives lost. Amy says, “Heartbreakingly brilliant. One of those rare books that really does need to be read by everybody.”

5. Ghostland by Colin Dickey (epub)

If you’re searching for the perfect book to read around All Hallows’ Eve, look no further than Colin Dickey’s Ghostland. In it Dickey investigates the “true stories” behind America’s most notoriously haunted houses. Emily says, “An elegantly written, intelligently structured exploration of how we use ghost stories to talk about our country and our history.”

6. Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven (epub)

Libby Strout feels invisible; all she wants is someone to see her for who she is. Enter Jack, a boy with his own issue—he can’t recognize faces. Expectedly fate has a way of bringing these two together in this novel for teens. Stacee says, “Jack and Libby are fantastic characters who took me on a roller coaster of feels. I was gleeful, swooning, heartbroken, and cheering.”